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Four's Room



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Welcome to the Four's Room!

The philosophy in our room is that each child is a unique individual with the capability to grow and learn.  We offer a wide range of activities that will help enhance your child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills, and therefore help them learn about the world around them.  We strive to offer a fun and nurturing environment with new activities to explore daily.

Important Information About the Four's Room

The primary focus in our classroom is to better prepare your child for kindergarten. The skills they learn in this class will help them succeed in future academics. Each day we will have group time where your child will learn how to sit, listen, and learn as a class. We will focus on a letter, number, and shape each week. Your child will also be exposed to Spanish and sign language. Throughout the day, your child will have many opportunities for social interaction; this will improve language skills, sharing with one another, and general social skills. Your child will also be offered a variety of sensory activities such as play dough, water, rice, beans, etc. By playing with these activities, your child will work on their fine motor abilities needed for coloring, writing, cutting, etc. We will also introduce basic math skills through estimating, patterns, measuring, and simple addition.

Gross motor is important to every child’s physical development; we play outside daily as long as the wind chill is not below 20 degrees or the heat index is not over 100 degrees! Running, swinging, jumping, and biking all encourage coordination and body control.

We are excited to get to know and understand every child who comes into the classroom, doing so enables us to assess their abilities and encourage further growth. Each child will have their own portfolio monitoring their developmental progress. Parents can view their child’s portfolio at any time.