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Two's Room



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Welcome to the Two's Room!

In the two’s room we work with the children in a preschool oriented style. Each day we work on our numbers, colors, shapes, months, days of the week, and letters. We also work with the children on learning their colors and numbers in Spanish. The themes we use are related to the seasons, holidays, and the children’s interests in a developmentally appropriate practice. Language development is attained naturally as we encourage the children to use their words.

Important Information About the Two's Room

We encourage the children to develop self-help skills and foster independence. They are getting big enough to try dressing themselves, cleaning up after themselves, and washing their own hands. Teaching self-help at home as well will greatly help with consistency when in our class.

Our main transition in this room is that we no longer use sippy cups! Therefore, we tend to have lots of spills, please be sure to have a labeled, weather appropriate change of clothes here. We also encourage the children to use their silverware when eating instead of their hands.

Diapers are changed standing up as long as they are not soiled. Every time we change a diaper we encourage the children to use the toilet to promote potty training.  Again, consistency at home greatly helps.

We have a set naptime. Your child may have one naptime comfort item that fits in their cubby and a blanket if you prefer to bring one from home that will stay on their bed.  Please be sure to label if you choose to bring one from home. We try and use pacifiers and other special attachments minimally throughout the day, preferably only during naptime.